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A pool fence is a type of fence commonly placed around backyard swimming pools. Standard swimming pool safety fences have one primary improve swimming pool safety by helping to prevent small children and/or pets from accidentally falling into a pool and drowning.


Child drowning can happen in a matter of the time it takes to answer the phone. There is often no splashing to warn of trouble. Children under the age of five simply have no fear of water and no concept of death. They associate water with play, not with danger.


While there is no substitute for adult supervision, a barrier around a pool or hot tub provides additional protection for children.


Estimates predict that the widespread use of swimming pool fencing would prevent up to 90 percent of pediatric pool drownings and near drownings!


Learn more about our pool safety fences, or just learn some general information about  pool fence options and basics. We also provide our swimming pool fencing specifications for your review as well as pool fence railing, winterizing panel screen covers, pool privacy fencing and screened wall enclosures for your pool or patio!



Welcome to the Exquisite Safety Pool Fence website, where you can learn all about the swimming pool safety and the most common pool fences. We are absolutely committed to providing the best pool fence options for your family and loved ones.


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We also have plenty of external swimming pool fence resources online for you to review. The more you learn, the more you'll appreciate our pool fence system.



Among children ages 4 and under, there are approximately 375 residential swimming pool drownings...



...More than half of these drownings occur IN THE CHILD's HOME POOL and one-third happen at the homes of friends, neighbors or relatives.



In-ground pools without a complete pool fence, are 60 percent MORE likely to be involved in drowning than those with isolation fencing



Our Child Safety Pool Fence Provides


A removable mesh swimming pool fence designed specifically to protect toddlers and young children


Installations in 15 foot sections to provide easy removal and reinstallation by a home owner.


Strong and durable mesh fabric


A patented self-closing and self-latching gate


A pool fence lifetime warranty


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